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Back... help??

Hi. I'm back again. About 2 years ago I came on this website to ask for advice/help. Throughout the 2 years I've been somehow handling with troubles and stresses but these past few weeks/months just get worse and worse. I've started college in September 2016 so I'm halfway through my 1st year. I've been getting really stressed because I'm failing 2 out of 3 of my A-Level which has put A LOT of pressure on me. Also college is already telling us to pick universities which is adding even more pressure on me. My parents keep going mad at me for the little things but I try and ignore it but sometimes it gets too much and it actually get to my head. Also I found out that my friend died from heart failure... he was only 16. I've relapsed many times throughout the 2 years. Some times it weren't as bad but some times it got quite serious. I'm reaching out for some sort of help...

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You need to go back and see your doctor, Not necessarily for medication but to get some support. People often do relapse so it's not uncommon for that to happen. You need to find ways to. Distress. Excercise is very good, walking, it dosnt have to be the gym!!! Running, meditation. All these things work to desires you. It's about making time to switch of those anxious thoughts and getting your head into a place where you can manage those feelings and change them to better ones.


My parents have no idea about this. I've got a few friends that try and help but it's getting harder and harder. I'm thinking of going to speak to a councillor in a college but I'm not 100% sure.


You've got nothing to loose by going. It's important to try take some control of what's happening to you or it just spirals more out of control. Don't be frightened just go have a chat to a councilor in your college.


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