Happy Sunday all!!!

How is everyone doing today? Me well I got up and went to the market early. You will be amazed how the lights at the market don't bother me anymore. So much improvement from 2 months ago. Right now I am sitting watching my kids play at the park and later I am looking forward to some steak with chimichurri sauce and fully loaded twice baked potatoes. YUMM!!!

What's everyone doing right now?


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  • Happy to see you doing so well. I'm ok, too.

  • I'm happy we are both ok. How is your Sunday going?

  • Been busy, my service dog walked me to the nearest Lowes to check out flowering plants for the front of the house. Hot now, and the 2-mile roundtrip was enough for the two of us. But we both need the walk and enjoy it nonetheless.

    Downer for the day, I was "yelled" at by a member of the PTSD forum for my reply to her long venting message yesterday. She accused me of judging her, etc., etc., etc. I was really taken back and sent a brief reply with an apology that was not my intention. (And truly wasn't)

    She sent a "Thank you for the apology" message and a :).

    For my own mental health, I've asked the administrator of that forum. And life goes on. :)

  • My message's last line should have been "For my own mental health, I've asked the administrator of that forum to remove me. And life goes on. :)

  • Oh man what? I'm sure you didn't mean it like that at all! I'm glad it was resolved.

  • Well, all's ok. Sometimes if I'm not aware I have somehow offended someone, and get that radical a reaction, it may not have been me, and maybe I am not a good fit and need to move on quietly.

  • Where in the US are you ?

  • Cali

  • Jealous :-(

  • Sitting her feeling like crap..

  • Here

  • Why? What's happening?

  • I feel on edge sad can't focus on anything like I'm walking around not knowing what's going on I can't stand it I'm sick of this crap. I got a new doctor and she's been wanting me to try a new medication 2 weeks ago and haven't yet. I'm afraid about everything I just want to live my life i want to be focused I want to be really there for my kids I want to be happy.

  • Well mrs your like a new woman 👏 so happy for you definitely need to take that magnesium it's done the job 👍

  • Thanks!!! I think the key to getting better is patience and I gots none of that LOL! That's my biggest issue. But thank god i am finally seeing the light and the end of the tunnel

  • Did you ever get the Claire Weekes book ? Yes you are right I felt so sorry for you as I could feel your pain

    Onwards and upwards now and goodbye to those horrible weeks x

  • So happy for you I've been reading your posts and you were so desperate to get well Now you are well on the way to the old you it's fantastic news

    It's 9 pm here​ in England Had a lovely day x

  • Hello Cat33! Just wanted to say hello to you in England. It's only going on 5 p.m. here in Gulf Coast of FL and our summer is here. Never really had a bit of a cool relief this year. But the sun's beautiful and the summer subtropical rains have not begun yet....Best to you for a very pleasant and happy evening.

  • It sounds so fantastic Its amazing we are all these miles apart Its spring here and really beautiful but going to be cold next week

    I read your post about a forum member "shouting" at you that's not right and I'm sorry you left because of one idiot

    All the best have a great evening it's nearly my bedtime 😉

  • My husband and I are going out to dinner tonight....and I'm looking forward to it. Three months ago I wouldn't have been. And this time my faithful service dog is not going. (He'll be puzzled by that).

    Good nite. Sleep well.

  • Have a fantastic time and so lovely you are looking forward to it

    Aww I hope your lovely dog won't mind

    Enjoy xx

  • Thank you. Scooter, my service dog, has been nearly attached to my hip for over 10 years. He is always puzzled f he doesn't go with me. But his chicken and rice are already prepared, and we leave music and a light on for him and his loyal(?) companion, Moped the cat.

    Yes, it has been pleasant meeting you. Our travel business places us on a cruise ship almost every month to check on our clientele......Last week we met a very charming and funny couple from England who told the most horrible but delightful travel disasters they had in Central America...I think you must be cousins! I have a Southern accent and with the gentleman's very British accent, we had quite a time.

    Again, off you go to rest. I'll try out my magic wand and send you some of the sunshine and heat from Tampa. (The bikini-clad young each girls shall stay behind on their spring college break.)

  • Scooter sounds adorable bet you both think the world of each other

    Wow you have a the most amazing job The stories must have been a good listen

    Thanks for sending some warm sunshine we are having frost this week

    Night night 🐈

  • It will be good morning when you read this, unless you stayed up for a night cap.

    we have just returned from early dinner. It's 8:15 p.m.

    Since it's morning for you, we're probably still in bed. Scooter and I will start our walk for shopping for a few grocery items around 8 a.m.

    Have a good day. Stay well until we bump into one another's posts again.

  • Thank You!!! Like I was telling daisy-17 they key to getting better is patience and I have no patience. That's why I struggled so bad at trying to normal again but thank god i had some really good says and I wish the same for all you guys!

  • It's been fab hasn't here today love when it's sunny makes you feel better 😎 let's hope it continues but shattered now bed soon work tomorrow. X

  • Yes brilliant love the spring

    Sleep tight 😴😴

  • I'm happy to see you are soaking in the good things in life! You're doing great it seems :)

  • Thank You. I hope you are doing great also.

  • I am doing better than I was thank you I'm finally getting a grip on things

  • Have your DR gone away HopingCat

  • Nope. Still lingering around but I had some good days. You?

  • Trying to find something that can help ease off DR

  • What is u taking to make you feel so much better? i want to feel good as you HopingCat lol

  • Magnesium and other supplements

  • Is it a certain magnesium or supplement you use I was gone try 5htp

  • Magnesium magnesium glycinate and omgega 3, theratine, and I read that 5htp is good but I don't know. Also I take anxiety medication and I'm sure that has helped too. But I did started feeling better once I started magnesium. Did I send you a link of a lady and her son that recovered with supplements?

  • Hi, I've been following your posts and so glad you're doing so well. Just wanted to ask you if you're sure it's the magnesium and other supplements that are helping ? Aren't you also taking an anti depressant? Could it maybe be the med that is helping ?

  • Awesome to see you doing so good!

  • So glad!

    My brain fog and ear muffle has come back and I feel like poo

    Took to my bed again today

    I just want to be better for my 2 children but feel I'm

    Never getting there

  • It could be a combination of both but I do say magnesium has helped me more than any drugs. I got off Zoloft and started taking magnesium before getting my new pill. When I took magnesium the first time I noticed the difference right away. So the world would never know. Also I started magnesium because I found a girl here that went through exactly the same thing. Very similar to my situation and when I asked her what helped she told me magnesium cured her. She didn't take no other drugs but magnesium. We never know what our body is lacking because doctors are quick to prescribe a heavy drugs instead of checking for vitamins defficiency. Anyways, doesn't hurt to try.

  • I've got them they arrived today

    Hopefully I'll get myself sorted too

  • I hope to! Have patience.

  • I'm so glad you're feeling so good wish I was what did you do to get better?

  • As I got older, my frequency and intensity of heart palpitations increased. I ended up in ER four or five times to have my heart rate slowed down. I believed it was stress causing the palpitations. After trying many supplements and increasing my water intake with no results, I finally found a Dr. Mercola writeup on microwave ovens and heart damage.

    It turns out that these high powered Chinese microwave ovens have cheap oven doors that leak microwaves. The microwaves leaking out can damage pace makers as well as the delicate rhythm controls in the heart. So each time I turn on the MW oven now, I run out of the kitchen to put a wall between me and the MW oven door. And guess what? No more palpitations, or very few, lasting only a few seconds.

    Even if you don't have palpitations, run out of the kitchen after turning on the MW oven to prevent heart damage.

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