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Future anxiety

Hello, i'm really scared about the future which is affecting my present. When i'm hanging with my boyfriend and i'm having the time of my life, i start getting anxious about the possibility of losing him in the future. We are both in the same place right now ( same college and near to each other) but what if when we graduate, he has yo leave or something happens and it gets harder for us to stay together like what of he travels? It depresses me sometimes and prevents me from enjoying the moment! What should i do?

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I guess the best advice to give in this situation is to just accept the fact, that in life anything can happen. You might not lose him, he might lose you. Anything can happen, the door swings both ways. Who knows what may or may not happen, try to just enjoy what you have for the time you're supposed to have it. Sometimes people meet solely for the purpose of a lesson. You learn what ever you were supposed to learn and keep it moving for your future relationships. That feeling you experience is normal though, it happens to most people. You'll be alright though. Try to enjoy yourself and not burden yourself with those kind of worries. 😃✊🏽

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