How is everyone doing?

Hi all!

I a had a good day today. I was a little on edge but I'm not letting this brain mess with me! I'm in charge. Went to the pool and ate ate ate and ate some more. I'm glad I got my appetite back. Everyone knows that I am greedy to the max and love food so once they see me stuffing my face they know that a little piece of me is finally back. Right now I am relaxing with my aroma therapy and Netflix and Chill.. haaaaaa

Good Night all!


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  • Glad you are having good days!! As for me it's like a rollercoaster, I have moments through out the day where I have glimpse of what I use to feel like and then I go back to having a bad bout but today I'm glad to say that for the most part it's been pretty good. I went and watched my sons baseball game,took my car to the car wash and now just having a relaxing evening watching movies. I hope I start the day tomorrow positive and have a other good day before I go back to work on Monday.

  • And you will! Keep thinking positive. I also have my rollercoaster days. My phycologist says that's totally normal and not to get upset or scared about the bad days. To have patience. I think about the 2 months ago me all the time. And I try to go back to her but is hard. We will get there soon. Cheers to more good days than bad!!!! I am watching Daredevil on Netflix and it's pretty good!!!!

  • Glad you had fun at the pool.... so, jealous haven't been swimming in forever 😀 we just chilled at home. Baseball tomorrow, hoping to be able to relax & enjoy it. Going with my husband & another couple. My husband & our friend are rooting for opposing teams. Tomorrow we go for the sweep 😃 Anyways hope you have a good night.

  • Thanks!!

    Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun tomorrow!!! Enjoy!!! All I keep thinking is about the steaks my husband is going to grill tomorrow..... LOL!

  • I support positive thinking and determination. On the other hand I am

    Frustrated and angry that the root cause of this disease remains ignored.

  • Anxiety is not a disease , it's an emotion in overdrive . It's fear and apprehensively thinking . The journey to recovery is not a smooth one , there will be bad days and good but accept those bad days and keep pushing through .

  • Good for you! Just relax!

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