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I can't eat properly anymore

Whenever I eat a big meal I always get stressed out about the calories and everything that bad for my body,

I really hate the way my body is... so maybe that's why I dislike the generalization of food.

It's gone to point that I've stopped eating three meals a day.

On school days I probably only eat one meal or less.

I've become obsessed with exercise and I feel like nothing is ever enough, sometimes I become lightheaded from the lack of food.

Is that normal?

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No senzaku, this is not normal. You need to reach out to someone for help before this escalates anymore. A nurse or counselor at school maybe? Your parents or guardian? Your doctor also needs to know what is happening since it could be detrimental to your health. I care please tell someone.. x



I think my parents have spotted my eating habits as in less of what I used to normally eat, and they get worried but I haven't told them that I feel this way about food or eating, knowing my parents they will become more overprotective of me because that was the same outcome of when I told them I had depression..

And now they somewhat let me have my freedom then what they would give back then in those times.

Also thank you for responding :)

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