Good Morning all!

I hope everyone has a good day today! Soon I will be heading to the pool with my minions. Want to hear a funny story? Everyone was laughing at me yesterday because I finally got a headache!! Remember the headache I was complaining about NOT having for 2 months??? That I found weird since I was in so much stress and depersonalization/derealization??? Yea well finally got one!!! Everyone was like THERE YOU GO! Have at it 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ It almost feels like my brain is finally reattaching to my body... does that even make sense? Anyways, Happy Saturday to all!

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8 Replies

  • Sounds like you're returning to your old crazy

  • Glad to hear you're doing so much better, even with a headache.:)

  • Hey CatP36, what are you on? I want some too :)

    Enjoy the day, you deserve it x

  • Hahahahahaha!!! Just magnesium! I'm back from the pool and I'm a little on edge right now but I'm just no caring!!! I am becoming a thug and telling my brain "come at me bro I'm ready!!!" Haaaaaaaaaa

  • That's fantastic CatP. Fly high my dear and enjoy the ride :)

  • How's everything going for you today?

  • It's good. Just ordered a delicious dinner and had it delivered. Sometimes it's nice when someone else cooks. :)

  • It sure is!!!

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