Hello everyone!

Happy Friday to all. I hope everyone has a fabulous day today. I had a good day yesterday and I'm looking forward to having more good days. I'm telling you guys the power of magnesium!!!! I mean that has to be it..... anyways, according to my fit bit I slept for 7 hours. 3 times awake and 36 times restless... shoot I'll take it!!!! I'm feeling wild this morning so I might stop at the donut shop. Have a good day everyone!


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  • Did you take before bed like I said ?

  • I been taking it at 1am

  • Good, that scammer told me to fuck off !!

  • What!!?? She did?? Did she message you. Yeah she is a scammer

  • They deleted it !!

  • Who's this scammer?

  • Nikkidavies is a scammer, it's a man I guarantee it trying to infected peoples computers so they can scam em.

    English isn't their first language either !!

  • I thought her spelling and grammar was abit out lol

  • Yeah.....lol

  • Lol

  • Omg! I thought there was something weird about her/him 😯x

  • Have you read the thread ?..lol

  • No who's post is it on?

  • Nikkidavies

  • Oh man was happening in here 😂

  • Someone got busted ! :-)

  • Maybe she will ask you to mail her LOL!

  • Not after calling me an old man, she got no chance !!!!


  • What kind of magnesium?

  • Glycinate .....

  • Thank u

  • Glad you are feeling much better and I hope it continues for you 😊

  • Glad to hear you had a good day. I'm doing ok at the moment too. :)

  • Awesome! Hurray for more good days! Have you goof weekend

  • Thanks...and you enjoy your family this weekend.

    Any plans?

  • Maybe the pool since it's super hot here. I was melting today

  • What does the magnesium do?

  • Google dp/dr supplemts and you will see recovery stories

  • Glad you are feeling great! Woke up to day in a good mood today & feeling good still. Hoping you have a great weekend. 😁

  • Awesome! Have a good weekend

  • Thanks and have a great evening!

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