Hi everyone! Think the Prozac is finally working, slowly feeling better. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on keeping anxiety/panic away in large crowds? Going to a baseball game Sunday with my husband & another couple & know I'll get anxious. Definitely want to go, know being social will be good for me... large crowds have made me anxious lately. Thanks. 😊


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  • Gee I wonder why. I believe we are all frightened of crowds today and that is what the terrorist have planned for us.

    It is good to be frightened as it keeps you alert to danger and able to act quickly. Everyone taking anti anxiety/depressants is not functioning in the real world, so beware. All you can do is trust and have faith, it's out of our hands.

  • Keep reminding yourself that your symptoms are harmless , you don't need to run although your mind is telling you to . Don't let anxiety beat you and stop you having fun .Focus on the game and enjoy it . You can do it

  • So glad that Prozac is working for you .My new antidepressants are starting to work as well .Pray to God that I don't have a set back .Also what is working for me is CBt. .

  • Communicating with your husband should give you some relief, because you know now he's aware, and that may help you cope better. Other ideas may be prayer, meditation, listening to soothing music (on your cell phone), carrying a self care bag along; with things that keep you calm. And there's always an option for anxiety medication. Keep in touch, if you like ☺

  • Thank you for the tips. I did pack somethings to keep me relax. We had fun at the game & my anxiety wasn't too bad for once.

  • Awesome

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