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Hello everyone

I'm a newbie to this community and need some support over what really is a stupid thing that keeps playing on my mind. I started suffering with migraines in January this year with flickering lights etc. Since then my eyes have been extremely sensitive with visual disturbances (all the symptoms of migraine). This has made me extremely anxious looking out for the symptoms of a detached retina, increase in floaters, flashing lights etc. I've been to the optician twice to get my eyes checked out but still seem to be paranoid about this happening. It causes my heart to race and I go very hot and then try and visualise life with only one eye having to give up driving etc and so the anxiety continues. It really would be nice to start living as normal a life as I did before Christmas instead of living each day on my nerves.


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  • I have flashing lights and sometimes I hear this clicking noise when I blink. I've had it for so long lol. I'm still okay. I get my eyes checked yearly. I have a small cataract in my right eye that is harmless. I may have had it since birth. You don't have anything to worry about. Everything is going to be okay.

  • Thank you. I think every nerve end is on edge at the moment until I can learn to relax with all the different symptoms of migraines. Doesn't do much for the confidence either it's good to know that I'm not on my own. Thank you again xx

  • Trust me I understand. Just take it one day at a time. Eventually you'll forget about it. Just lay back with your eyes closed throughout the day to rest your eyes when you can. Don't worry

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