Hello all!

How is everyone doing? I had a pretty good day yesterday. Spent most of the day outside and that's a BIG improvement. Saw my phycologist too. That went well. I also got a bit more sleep. And this is what I did before bed. I hope it helps anyone that's suffering from lack of sleep.

1 and a half teaspoons of Camomile Lavender tea ( the real deal plant. I get mine at a local tea shop)

1 cup milk

1teaspoon honey

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Put all ingredients in a saucepan on really low heat. Cover for 15 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

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  • I'm not having a good day today. Yesterday wasn't good either. I don't know what is wrong with me but I am tired of not feeling normal. :(

  • Why? What's happening?

  • Oh no! What's happening? I hope you feel better soon!

  • Lavender is good, the oils are good in your bath, nice smell.

    Glad things are improving, get that Vit D from the sun :-p

    I'm good btw :-)

  • Oh yes I have lavender for aroma therapy that I use when I do medication. It's awesome

  • Hello CatP36. Am VERY glad you had a good day and SLEPT. Want you to have more of those days and nights.

    Been following and "chatting"with you for awhile now. You appear to be up and then suddenly down, all over the place, and then up again, taking charge. Always wanting a quick fix. (Like many of us when the anxiety turns to panic mode) Anxiety is hell, so what happened yesterday that caused the day to be so good?

    SO, glad the day went fine and the trip to the doctor went well. What happened there??? You get so down about meds and the doctors....but something positive and maybe different must have happened with the doctor yesterday, yes? Can you focus on that and share what you can. Would really like you to be able to continue to use whatever tool you acquired from that visit.

    I think of you often. :)

  • Hey there!

    I saw my phycologist yesterday and I do most of the yapping so felt good to let stuff out. I am a mess most of the time but I do thank your advices and others on here and I practice it... I complain and practice at the same time until I see results. So Thank You all!!! I tent to post here before doing research. Yesterday I posted about sleeping and then after I did some research and came across the milk remedy so I tried it last night and it helped. I hope you have having a good day today!

  • I am so glad you are doing better. I like to go outside too, it takes my mind away from the stress. I am still struggling, did start magnesium 200 mg yesterday. I made an appointment with a neuropsych dr at one of the big hospitals for tomorrow, I felt I needed a doctor instead of a nurse practitioner and one that deals with neuro cases ( hopefully including Lyme) will hopefully put me on the right track. I like your tea, it sounds yummy and calming Have a great day

  • I wish you luck and hang in there! Soon you will be back to normal. Which magnesium are you taking? I been taking magnesium glycinate and I really like it! I think mine is 400mg

  • Thank you! I am taking the same as you but only 200 mg because I am kind of nervous taking them with my antibiotics. I am really hopeful I am going to get there soon, at this point I am getting kind of desperate, but I have to have patience. For Lyme, I am supposed to take 100 vitamins/ minerals but I def want to wait until my antibiotics are over, Can you believe that most Lyme doctors don't take insurance? At least psychiatrists do!

  • Yes im so HAPPY for You. Just ro see some progress and positivity from someone is so refreshing! Have you been feeling better since you started the magnesium? What made you start taking them? Sorry for the questions lol

  • I sure have been feeling better since I took my first pill of magnesium. Everyone notices too. Like when I go outside and run into some people that know my situation. I keep getting text saying that they are so happy to see me out and smiling. I decided to take magnesium when I came across an old post of someone asking for advice on depersonalization/derealization and I noticed a very positive comment from someone explaining how they went through the same thing and what helped. Long story short, I reached out to her and we had very similar stories and honestly I'm happy I found her because she gave me so much hope! She told me she used magnesium and I rushed and got some. There's also another person here that's a magnesium god and answered all my magnesium questions. I love this site!

  • Glad you feeling better I've been working outside in my flowers that's been good for me still don't sleep well at night feel tired I might try your drink at night,hope you continue to feel better!

  • Thank you! I hope you also keep having a good day! And yes try it. It sure is relaxing.

  • Tell me what kind of magnesium are you taking and how much?

  • magnesium glycinate and I only take one pill. Says 2 but I'm already taking other supplements and didn't want to overdue it

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