Anxiety has me so heartbroken . I feel so abandoned by my mother who's passed and by God . I'm not a bad person , what did I do to deserve this ? Why do good people go through the worst ? Having this illness makes me hate myself for maybe not appreciating life as much as I should of before being diagnosed . This illness is complete hell. I don't feel like myself , I don't even like looking at my reflection in the mirror . Im mentally , spiritually , and emotionally drained .


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  • Hi its grief ! I to lost my mother suddenly in Nov and my anxiety came back so bad I'm just getting over it all now ,

  • I lost her years ago . I am an only child and she was divorced from my father making her a single parent . We didn't have much family here . For years after her death I dealt with major depression but I know I always had anxiety . My anxiety became severe and manifested itself in physical symptoms two years ago when my health took a toll for the worse then following my car accident . Everything went downhill from there and I've been going through this hell ever since.

  • I wish I can give you a hug!!! My Mother went through this after losing my Grandmother and I was not as supportive as I should have been because I wanted to seem strong. I hope You are okay and here is a virtual hug!

  • Thanks xo

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