Constant fear of genetic heart conditions

Does anyone else have this, I see it on the news and whatever and it makes so so worried. I've had ecgs and everything but I know they don't pick things like that up. What can I do? There's no family

History but it seems to be happening more and more to people. The only people who can be tested are ones that have had it happen to them?! So scared


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  • Certainly the NHS will only fund the test for those with a family history, but you can buy the test if you want it. You have to be sensible to think why you would want the test though as it sounds as though you have no higher risk than average, but if its worrying you a lot then why not pay for the test?

  • Where can I get the tests, I just feel like if I knew I could live a normal life

  • If in the UK

    or just google it. Some maybe cheaper and offer a self test

  • but beware you may then start worrying about all sorts of other illnesses you may have a tendency towards thus feeding your health anxiety. There will be no end to the possible tests you may have and how much time you devote to this

    Somewhere you need to be doing some fun and good living!

  • Yeah I think I jus breed to accept I cannot control things

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