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Constant Burping, feeling weak/faint

So, as said in one of my previous posts I have been bed bound for just under 2 months. Part due to the crash I had but mostly due to me being unmotivated to do anything else. Anywho I've recently been having to go out, mostly for blood test and doctors etc.

Whenever I do I feel very weak and faint now I'm not a weak person normally but recently I just feel like a zombie thats heavily sedated!

And as for the burping... its getting on my nerves!! Everyday... every hour! Especially after a meal or an attack! Doctors are telling me its to do with my anxiety/ptsd (which still is unconfirmed!) but I have had a 3 days period without an attack but still the burping/bloating is here!

Guess ill know when I see the gastroenterologist.. just gotta wait a month for that!

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Anxiety can cause gastric problems, it affects the digestive symptom, the fact that you've become less mobile will cause weakness, I broke my leg several years ago and damaged my knee ligaments, couldn't walk and like you I became immobile, I began to suffer severe anxiety and depression as a result, it's a vicious cycle, I'm recovered now, I spent time reading about anxiety and arming myself with knowledge on how it works, I used youtube as an inspiration by watching videos made by recovered sufferers of anxiety, I later attended courses and soon began to accept and understand, gradually I got my life back, there's no battle to fight, you don't even need to do anything, just understand anxiety and your half way there xxx


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