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Sleeping problems and rapid heart beat

Soo lately i cant take a nap in the day and if i sleep at night i wake in the middle of the night for some reason i feel jumpy and i get this jaw pain and feeling my arm like is numb when i close my eyes i wake up right away because i get these feel like im just going to die and cant breath when i stand up from bed or from any where it my heart beats fine then 3 secounds later it goes super fast then calms down when im already use to standing up i dont get i saw cardiologist i think might see another one i guess the weed gave me heart rythm disorder or it just messed up my head mentially i feel like im going crazy i stoped smoking weed for about 4 months after what happen to me i had a panick attack for 30 minutes or more only way i calm down was by throwing up me and my friend smoke the same thing he was calm till this day he calls me and say yo im still smoking weed bro like if it was that bad it would did the same thing to both of us that day he 's like i dont get whats going on with you but i stoped and its still happening i dont get and i dont smoke nomore what could it be its like a curse my head feels wierd 24/7 my heart has speedinng problems everyday thing sometimes im fine sometimes im not i dont get it its like that day it messed up my nervous system up or soemthing im nervous of anything even going up a bridge in a car i just want to jump the car is like this is power ful its like its getting out control my body or im just going to die soon i dont get it the problem was four months ago and im still feeling this way with my stupid heart and wierd feeling in my head and my vison unreal!!!!!!

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