When am i going to get some sleep!!!!

Over 2 months of no sleep really. I'm sure it's not helping this depersonalization/derealization. If anyone has any tips that can get me to sleep please let me know. I am exhasted!!!!! And these dark circles are not cute. I guess the doctor thought amitriptyline 10mg was going to help and it doesn't at all!

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  • Try taking Magnesium an hr before bed. Don't take any during the day, just an hr before bed.

  • I'm in the same boat. It's absolutely awful. Most nights I am literally awake ALL night. Zero sleep whatsoever. My mind just won't switch off and get sleepy. Every few nights I maybe get a night where I get 1 or 2 hours sleep but that's it. I've tried so many different things. Magnesium, herbal sleep aids, relaxing music, guided relaxation/hypnosis. Lavender essential oil. Nothing works :(

  • You described me. Same thing. It just won't shut off! I don't know what else to do anymore

  • Have you both tried YouTube relaxation videos ? They work a treat !

  • I tried meditation for sleep and nothing

  • I've tried them but didn't work for me I'm afraid. Thanks for the suggestion though

  • Have your tried Unisom?...not the gels...that is just the same stuff as benedryl...but the regular Unisom. It helps me. Good luck to you!! DON'T let the Dr put you on Ambien....(your choice, just my suggestion...) Toodeloo!

  • I'm not listening to those doctors and their pills. So annoying. Thanks. I'll look into the one you are talking about

  • Whoa....What do you mean you're not listening to "those doctors"? Many of us appear to have sleep problems.

    Insomnia is a very common problem in the US even for people who aren't dealing with chronic PTSD, anxiety or depression.

    Insomnia is really a downer...I have days on end sometimes with this....and the sometimes I manage to sleep. Not always know if it is just living in the US, or it is related to my mental health condition.

    BUT I do listen to my doctors. If they think a bad spell of insomnia is related to my anxiety, my living pattern, or whatever and they have suggestions to break the cycle, I LISTEN.

    This month I was rx a very low dose of an anti-depressant, (no not ambien) and I have been able to sleep at least 6 hours at night. BUT had to change my lifestyle too. I now try to prepare for bed at 10 p.m. and just relax...no TV, no computer,etc. It maybe 11 p.m. or midnight before I sleep, but I do sleep.

    I haven't taken the rx for the last several nights, and I slept.

    Please, regarding your doctors, "don't throw the baby out with the bath water",ok?

  • I know I know I had one of those baby moments. That's the lack of sleep talking.

  • Are you bipolar by chance?

  • No

  • Get hubby to give you a massage before bed. Passionflower supplement is amazing. Keep up your magnesium. My anxiety started after my daughter would wake at 230am and 430am for weeks on end. The sleep deprivation send me into a spiral and then even when she wasn't waking my internal body clock would wake me up in anticipation. Sleep is vital.

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