Ugh! Dang it!!!

Right when I was starting to feel good. I suddenly got this rush in my body and the feeling of unreal and I came rushing to my room to hide... like what is that weird rush that makes you feel like unreal? Is it adrenaline? Should I buy adrenal supplements? I don't know how I'm going to get better if these rushing keep coming for no reason. Right now I'm in my bed feeling all kinds of vibrations running through my legs. The feeling of panic. I'm so sick of this!


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  • Hi CatP36,

    Sorry you're have a tough time tonight in California. I don't have an answer to your question, but wanted to let you know I was "listening".

    You seemed to be doing better during the past week, and it's sad you're having this panic attack.

    I've been doing better the last week than I have in years...and not really certain why. I just cross my fingers each day and take my meds.

  • The rush feeling you describe is a surge of adrenaline, it's getting your body prepared to fight because your brain is telling you your scared, your body assumes your scared because there's a danger or threat so it produces extra adrenaline to help you if you need to fight, anxiety tricks you into feeling fear when there's no real danger, you become stuck in the cycle, just try and let it pass, don't try and fight, there's no need, just do nothing, carry on as best you can even with the anxiety symptoms, you'll eventually give it less attention, this is when you'll realize that as much as you fear anxiety, it can't harm you, its unpleasant but not dangerous xxx

  • Thank You... I need as much reassurance as I can get. I was having good days and then I go back to feeling insane. It's hard

  • Just keep going, the good day's you have can be your inspiration to carry on regardless of anxiety symptoms, keep reminding yourself that these symptoms will eventually pass and even though they feel terrible, they won't harm you, try not to give it too much attention, anxiety makes you over sensitized so everything becomes more of an issue, you'll be ok, just let it come and go and be patient, overcoming your fear of anxiety takes time, but you can recover :-) xxx

  • I'm really trying. It's been 9 weeks of hell and when I think I got it under control it comes rushing for no reason. The worst is that damn unreal everything dream like feeling. I rushed to my bed to meditate earlier. I think I listen to about 4 audios

  • Stop trying. Just be. Have you read the Claire Weekes book? Barry McDonagh book? The answers are ALL there. You don't need anything else.

  • I'm actually reading the Claire Weekes one.

  • Good stuff!! Have a listen to her audio too - i walk on the neach every morningand there are 4 free mp3 that I listen to and it's like having a dear old aunty walking with you. Here they are junior-anxiety-depression-e...

  • Going to check that out. Thanks.. I could use that on my walks

  • which book is this please? x

  • Hope you are feeling better now! I am also reading the Claire Weekes book, trying anything that will help. It does say that you can expect relapses, it's part of normal recovery. Your mind probably just needs some rest time. I am going to try the meditating today, see how it goes.

  • I was told it's adrenalin from anxiety I hate it also I get it all the time. It's hard to deal with it i try my hardest to not let it take control of me. I always feel on edge like at any minute I could break it truly sucks.

  • It's awful! I'm tired of it. I been like this for over 2 months now. It's so disturbing

  • Vbee is so right, you don't have to do anything, don't try just let it come and go, allow time to pass, don't run from it, Claire Weekes and her books saved me, it's a must read xxx

  • I'm scared if I let it come and go into full panic mode with tunnel vision and detachment feeling that I will become as bad as I was 2 months ago when it first started. I became disoriented and question everything about life and existent and then I went into depression. I couldn't even get out of my bed or eat.

  • I understand completely how scary and completely overwhelming all your symptoms feel, I was once in that dark place myself, I retreated to my bed, I felt it was the only safe place for me, the physical symptoms had me almost unable to walk, I was weak, I was completely consumed by fear, everything seemed like a threat, I stopped going out and began suffering from agoraphobia too, I panicked at the slightest sensation or noise, I couldn't eat as I felt I had a huge lump in my throat, my son's had to stay up during the night with me as I couldn't relax enough to rest, my life became unbearable, was off work for 8 mths and almost lost my job, it's taken me a long time to accept that anxiety could be responsible for all my suffering, I've had many repeated blood tests, ecg tests etc, all always came back normal, I had a 24hr heart monitoring, and numerous visits to A n E, all normal, but now I'm absolutely fine, working full time, going out, eating and exercising, loving life again, don't get me wrong, once in a while I may get the odd little panic feeling or sudden rush of adrenaline but instead of responding with a "what if" reaction I now respond with a "so what" and by doing this the feeling/panic just disappears, I don't pay any attention, I don't srop what I'm doing I just carry on, if my hands tremble with anxiety? "so what" if my heart races "so what" if I get an unexplained sensation "so what"

    Recovery is possible, read positive material, check out videos from recovered sufferers on youtube, get a copy of Dr Claire Weekes book, type up dealing with anxiety on youtube too, there's many health professionals giving good advice, arm yourself with knowledge on how anxiety works etc, knowledge is a great tool in overcoming the fear, and of course there's this wonderful site here, your not alone with your experiences, don't be disheartened, you truly don't have to fight....:-) xxxxx

  • Thank You so much. This is the reason I join this site because all you guys give me hope. A few weeks ago I was so bad I felt like I needed to be in a mental hospital. Now I am able to function better and cook but still with this brain that seems to be half shut off because it's trying to protect me but there's no damn danger.... did you also have depersonalization/derealization? This is horrific. I just want to snap out of whatever dream more my brain is on.

  • Yes I did experience that awful feeling too, was the worst time of my entire life, your on the right track though, your trying to do everyday things like cooking etc even though your feeling rotten, that's exactly what you should do, carry on regardless, don't fight just carry on with your day, you'll get there, hey don't forget to use youtube inspirational videos though, was a great help for me, I found it comforting too xxx

  • Did you have to take any medications? I was on Zoloft for a month and no help

  • Yes I took fluoxetine (prozac) but that was mainly to treat severe depression caused by the anxiety trap, it helped lift my mood xxx

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