Gp is rubbish!!

anyone else feel the drs just palm everything off as depression??

im having intrusive thoughts im sleep walking... feel low suicidal intrusive thoughts.. also cant start my new job as quite frankly I'm having a mental breakdown!! I need the drs to refer me to the mental health team but they cant see me till Monday as im not a priority cheers then!!

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  • If you really feel suicidal, I would just go to the ER and the minute you say the word they have to admit you but it would be a locked unit. I have been close to wanting to be in lockdown just to get the treatment I need, I also waited too long to be seen by a psychiatrist ( 3 weeks) and I really should have started treatment earlier because now I am suffering. You should not have to wait until Monday. You can get some medication also from your PCP or any general doctor for the panic and depression as well. I got Zoloft 20 years ago from an ER physician. It's not the best way but you can always follow up with psych later.

  • I'm on mirtazipine 45mg at night I wouldn't act on my intrusive thoughts it's just I don't understand why mental health comes after someone with a poxy cough/cold x

  • I agree. Mental health is just as important as physical illness. I don't understand why you can't bee seen before Monday I have been experiencing similar issues. I have been trying to find a neuropsych doctor and it's almost impossible. I have Lyme disease which complicates things more. I must have made a 100 phone calls today and one came out as a possibility and I need a referral even before I can make an appointment which who knows when that would be!

  • its disgusting !!

    im demanding a referral Monday otherwise I am not leaving the surgery x

  • I would do the same! Good luck!

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