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Onto me 7th week of meds and not feeling any better

I've been told by the doctor when I finally went to him just under 2 months ago that I suffer from General anxiety disorder..I've had some horrific symptoms..but the ears ringing and hissing and the off balance feeling never seem to go away..I thought by now that the 20 mg of citrol would have had some kind of effect..I genuinely think that they have made me worse appetite seems to have gone more often than not and everyday is a battle..I'm in no way depressed but I feel phisically and mentley drained from the whole situation..I keep telling my self it's the anxiety but surely I can't keep feeling like this day in day out..As I said the dizzy and unbalanced feeling with the ears ringing constantly is a nightmare as well as the crash fatigue feeling..I just duno what to do anymore..

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Allano definitely talk to your doc about this being 7 weeks in you should be feeling the effects of the med by now. Maybe this med isn't right for you or maybe you need a higher strength. Do you see a psych doc or just your gp? Try and stay strong you are not alone..


Just see my G.P..I've made an appointment to see him today..hopefully he can Srt something for me..thanks for the reply..ill try and stay strong

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