I hate being on medication!

I know I know whiny baby coming right up! But I do hate it! I'm so paranoid. I been on amitriptyline for 3 days and I'm constantly checking my body for any weirdness. Like bruising. Which I do have some by the way and Zoloft also gave me bruising. Zoloft was my first medication ever and I was only on it for 6 weeks. Now amitriptyline is my second one and I don't even think is in the same Catagory as Zoloft. All I know is that is an old antidepressant. I don't know maybe I'm just making a big deal because I keep thinking of all that middle of the night sweating feeling like I ran a marathon UGH! Or maybe is my brain playing tricks on me because I'm so exhasted. Anyways, I won't be surprised if I unintentionally miss my pill tonight.. WINK WINK!!! I kid I kid. Good Night everyone!


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7 Replies

  • Dear CatP36, I am sorry to hear that Zoloft (which I take as Sertraline) doesn't suit you. You are right, Sertraline is an SSRI anti-depressant while Amitriptyline is a tricyclic. At least it will help you sleep. It is a drag, but antidepressant medication takes up to 4 weeks to start having any effect. Until then, it is a case of counting the hours and counting the days. More helpfully, you could try doing some of the activities on the site getselfhelp.co.uk. Medication certainly helps, but ultimately getting better means thinking better, relating to other people better, and somehow enjoying a less stressful and more varied life better. Maybe you could ask your doctor about taking Beta-blockers as well. Hoping you feel better, and ARE better soon, from Pearwig.

  • Thank You. It doesn't help me sleep at all. Which is weird because everyone says that it helps them

  • You wouldn't get me taking em !!. Magnesium for me thanks, it helps me feel less depressed, less anxious and I sleep like a baby on it.

  • How much magnesium do you take? I was just prescribed Zoloft, which I don't want to take unless I can't find anything else. I've heard magnesium from a few different people. Is this like the vitamin at the store? I get really weird about taking anything, especially prescribed medication. What does magnesium do?

  • It's a mineral and i take 200mg a day. Drs best Magnesium chelated from iHerb, one of the best available. Meds truly are vile.

    It relaxes you, it lifts your mood and it's a general all round good for you mineral.

  • Thank you. I'm going to try taking some.

  • Start on a low dose don't take 200mg at first, you have to get used to it. So half a tablet first see how you go. If ok up it.

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