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Please listen

Ok im still not getting this I had a panic attack back in june bc of masterbating I think bc I did it and then I had the attack ig bc of high adrenaline I think and then right after I was having these symptoms like heart palpitations shortness I was shaking really bad and I was really weak and then I was getting this dreadful dying feeling in my body and I still feel like this and ive been checked and everything was good I just don't get it?

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Jamescrider2, Your heart will always beat faster when excited (about anything) Your heart naturally beats faster, everyone's does. The difference is with anxiety disorder is that you are more self aware of your heart beat causing it to go into a panic attack.


Hey Agora this is pff subject but you're awesome you help so many people on this sight and you're always kind in understanding. I hope you're well.😀😀😀


Its just so crazy my question is y is it giving me this dreadful dying feeling in my body everyday tho it was a panic attack ik that for sure it's just im confused


Agora is right but if you still feel uneasy see a doctor.


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