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Hi I'm just wondering if anybody else experiences like I always get blocked synsus and I feel like I my throat is tight and there's weird pressure on my head and chest I'm not sure if it's my synsuses or not and is it hotmail to feel dizzy all the time I think my anxitey is getting worse but I don't know if it's anxitey because It just makes me so Ill it's so scared I feel like my heart is slow and when I eat a mean I always choke because it doesn't let me swallow then I start to panic?

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same exact thing i look at my nose up and it seems like it getting blocked like a inflamation or something my throat feels like its hurting as well like burning sensation and dry mouth i dont get it and my heart beats fast really fast then it beats slow like its going to stop .


I get this too. Doctors say my lungs are okay, my heart is okay and no blockages in my nose. I feel suffocated, especially in warm weather. Anyone have any luck with this?


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