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My life is such a mess no idea how to fix it

hi so I was working in a preschool for three years and this year since march my job role dramatically changed to being in lynch club every single day I was struggling with this so I told my line manager only to hear every simgle day they want me to do this and cafe ,I had got ill been signed off thrre weeks within a year due to this,I was really struggling felt unable to cope and visited Samaritans who guided me that I needed Time off and support.during these twi weeks I realised I couldn't take lunch club anymore and resigned and my dr suggested I sm signed off for this period only for a college to suggest to them I do bank staff which Is cover,they were very hesitant to.take me on as they questioned my flexibility and felt I should have spoken to them apparently but having spoken to my line manager and her saying I would have to do lunch club and had no.choice I felt my only option was to resign.however I'm really struggling to find a secure job,bank is not drcure it's as and when and I feel like I need a secure job now something to get up for something to be motivated for I can't take unemployment much longer I get interviews but no offers I feel really ashamed and I ovbs wouldn't get a good reference in really struggling and itd horrible I hate not working

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