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soo i went out took the beta blocker before i left i was good relaxed enjoying life again happy at the mall but i feel like something is really wrong doe sense it has my heart fine and calm for some reason my back was hurting me alot and neck and feel like im i was getting a headace and spasm where my heart is at on my chest left side im male 20 years old and a little bit of twiching my back and felt like i was going to drop dead but then it disapear it goes away somwthing really wierd body is stress out now i was fine early at the mall now im feeling this all this started with smoking that damn weed around thanks giving now its been four months if im still like this idk what to do i might just stay home for ever i been suffering with my body feels wierd and head my vision dream like un real dont get me wrong i do fight but i end up tierd with body aches its just wierd . This is A Everyday thing 24/7 every day but i try to take all these pains all these feeling all this was going on with me im being strong about it but im getting tierd of it honestly.

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  • It all sounds like health anxiety and you're feeding it with worrying. Try ignoring it for a few weeks and trust in God to keep you well. Work on exercise, socialising and fun

  • You think soo its crazy feeling doe

  • Just ignore it and get on with living, working socialising and having fun

  • yeah these feelings are strong and physically

  • they are just feelings though and most likely are not physical

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