I'm back!!!!!!!!!

Thank you lord for helping me not freak out..... Guys I was outside for so many hours my husband thought I got abducted!! I went to get my eyebrows done, target, Walmart, and then the market. Now I'm back home and I put all the stuff away. I'm in bed now because I need to rest. I think I did too much but it was worth it. The only thing I did different was taking magnesium a few hours before I left. I completely ignored the lights at the stores.

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  • The wonder mineral magnesium !!

    Good stuff isn't it !!

    Glad it went well, you'll rest ok with your magnesium though it will have burnt up a good bit so a little extra won't hurt.

  • I might take 2 I instead of one! Thanks

  • Maybe an​ extra half, but if you feel you can handle two, then go for it.

  • When I got home I took theanine and it got me way to relaxed. Almost freaked me out. But I it's my first time taking that supplemts so maybe next time it won't be so scary

  • Yeah, these things you have to let your body adjust too. Always best to go slow for alot of reasons.

  • Which magnesium is good to take?

  • I have been taking magnesium glycinate

  • Thank you CatP36

  • Good work! I want to be where you are so bad but I must remember the Lyme is also attacking my brain! I just ordered the right kind of magnesium, will come Tuesday and I will def take it. Apperently it's really good for Lyme too. I bet you are tired, enjoy your well deserved rest! I think you are kicking anxietys butt!

  • You will get there soon! I know it!!

  • Thanks

  • Fantastic news xx

  • Very nice to hear 😊

  • well done onwards and upwards 👏 😊

  • What a positive outing CatP36. Happy for you. You earned your rest. :)

  • Super proud of you CatP 😁. Bet you feel awesome. You are inspiring me to make it to a party tonight. Have a great night. 🙏

  • You should go!!! And interact with everyone and you will see that you won't even think about anything else.

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