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Do this sound like anxiety ? or maybe could be something else

So for some reason i could go in a car with a friend some where and its like i cant sit still in the car i cant relax im always tense movig my back or shaky and my heart trying to beat fast like a nervousness like really bad like i cant have my body calm and when i fight my body hurts i feel aches pains and tierd but something wierd because when i get use to being where im at it goes away i say ok im in the car now for quite some time now or im at a resturant its just when i get there it happens for a little while then go away like im really shaky so today i decided to go to the mall with a friend do you guys thing i should take a beta blocker because i want to be good and calm nun of this stuff while im out

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Take one if it help calm u


it calms me a bit

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