Hateeeeeee it

I hate when my Psychiatrist keeps repeating the same thing over and over.... " it's anxiety it's anxiety it's anxiety" like yes lady you said that 1,000 times now fix it!!! And what about when I tell her my biggest problem right now is the depersonalization/derealization and she tells me " do you even know what that means?" AHHHHHH WHAT?????? Then I explain to her that I feel like I'm just eyes walking feeling unreal and like in a dream and I see her writing something and then she goes " it's anxiety it's anxiety it's anxiety" LORD JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!!!


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  • Hello CatP36 ! You are up late. It's 1 a.m. in the ocean near Mexico. Frustrating isn't it when the psychiatrist "won't fix" us. lol. Well, that is a good try...but we know that is not going to happen. :)

    Well, if yours doesn't want to use "depersonalization".....and prefers "anxiety"...maybe just chill.

    A lemon by any other name would be just as sour. Don't compound your anxiety by having anxiety about a term she uses. :)

    Try to sleep tonight.

  • That's true! I'm just going to start calling it that to see if is goes away.... it's 10:24 here in cali!!

    I hope you are having a good time!!!

  • I know you probably don't want to hear this but she is right it is anxiety and that is what's causing your depersonalisation it's a symptom coming from the severe anxiety that is happening to your body If you accept what she says you will start to win this awful battle you are experiencing I know you want her to fix it but you need to stop the fight now The more you are fighting to get rid of your feelings the more you are fuelling them to keep coming

  • I know but it's so hard. I just don't know where this anxiety came from. I feel fine except for that dream feel.

  • It's adrenaline in your system that produces that feeling.

  • How can I get rid of it?I don't want it!!! Do I need adrenal support blend or something?

  • Relaxation, magnesium anything that reduces stress. It will subside as it reduces. Getting stressed over it will only produce more stress which will produce more adrenaline.

    Well it's not just adrenaline it's also cortisol. Both are stress hormones. Both have effects in the body. Magnesium reduces cortisol

  • Hi, I apologise if this has already been said but it will help if you accept that it is the anxiety that is causing ALL of the symptoms you experience!

    I was exactly like you with the depersonalisation as when I looked in the mirror I just didn't recognise myself or what I'd become and just wanted to be ME again! For me medication worked and for me personally it is quality of my life that is important and I don't care that I'm on meds! If you don't want to go on meds then perhaps CBT would work for you, although only certain parts of it worked for me!

    I hope you settle soon and remember you're not alone x

  • What medication worked for you?

  • I am a great believer in knowing things! If an all embracing term like this turns up, go and look it up! Google, library sites like this one, ask pharmacist etc. etc. For urgent situations call 111 (NHS direct) in the UK. Remember this is probably the most important fact in your life right now.

    Then :"do you even know what that means?" "YES!"

  • Yes we just need it fixed! Mine doesn't say much just writes things down. We all know it's anxiety, I think it would be nice to hear that the medicine will help but maybe that's the job of the counselors.

  • When your psychiatrist asked you if you knew what depersonalisation and derealisation are, you probably misunderstood the intention behind her asking such questions. From the moment you enter their room psychiatrists are making decisions in their minds as to what the problem may be. Following that, they listen to you speak, maybe in response to a question, which strengthens whatever they think the problem may be which then leads them to which box to place you in and what routes there may be they can move forward with. Her asking about your symptoms and your understanding of them is typical and not meant to be decisive in any way. Sometimes it will take a psychiatrist, a good psychiatrist, some six or so consultations before they reach even a tentative diagnosis. It is a two-way process though. The psychiatrist has to filter out from your conversations all irrelevant details and to stick to the more salient ones. No psychiatrist or magician or priest or deity can 'fix' your problems. Their job is to help you to achieve a state of mind in which your problems are at best manageable. That is when the medication gets mentioned. And the question of compliance. Have you expressed your concerns to her? Maybe it would be better the next time you see her to go with your guard down and not raised.

  • She already gave me a diagnosis. It wasn't rocket science that the first time I walked in her office I was suffering from panic attacks. She told me I have panic disorder,Ptsd, anxiety, and because of this I got depersonalization. She also send me on my way and didn't see me for 6 more weeks. Within those 6 weeks I called her multi times because the medication she gave me made me feel like crap. And wasn't fixing the problem. Then I saw her on Friday and as you read you know how it went. She won't see me again for 3 months which I thought it was ridiculous. I'm sure I will be calling her multiple times. Also she keeps saying I am very impatient and it's hard not to be when I am trying to get fix because I have kids.

  • I thank you for the provision of more information in relation to yourself and your interaction with your psychiatrist. Whatever I have said or shall say comes from experience having seen a psychiatrist for the first time at the age of 14 and to this day see a psychiatrist who, in my opinion anyhow, has no understanding of the way I feel and whose meetings with me are concerned largely with talk of medication and nothing else. Still, I find it incredibly difficult to speak to him since present at each meeting is himself, a trainee psychiatrist, a pharmacist, a trainee pharmacist, a social worker, a trainee social worker and my support worker. Not exactly a comfortable environment in which to indulge in a solipsistic conversation! It's unusual for a psychiatrist to diagnose you with your condition on the first meeting but then if you are American your experiences will be radically different from mine. I am English. I, too, have children, three boys and I was divorced from their mother some while back now and we both applied for Residency (custody) of the children which took three awful years to get to Court. I was awarded Residency of the children with reasonable access to the mother - those words are written on the Court Order - yet when on visitation some months later my ex-wife took the two younger children to Australia and I have not seen or heard from them since. The elder one opted to live with me here in England being of age to make up his own mind. If you are telephoning your psychiatrist almost to the point where it becomes illegal harassment it is hardly surprising that she considers you impatient. I can empathise with that though and it is a good thing that you wish to become better for the sake of your children. I think as parents all we desire is for our children to have meaningful lives or at least lives more meaningful than the ones we ourselves have to contend with. I wish you all the luck in the world but remember (I've lost count of how many times I have been told this) there is no magic pill to make things better.

  • Hi CatP36 I have been dealing with the depersonalization off and on for 32 years, it happens everytime to many things happen in my life over a short period of time. I know the feeling and it is very scary. I'm sorry to hear when anyone has to go through this. I will say this when things level out it will go away, I keep having family members pass away and it gets to me and I get that along with many other systems. I can only say that you have to keep busy you have to get to a point where you forget about it. I know that's real hard read a lot of selfhelp books and find new thongs to do, It would be nice if a number of us lived in the same area and could start a group. I live in Rochester Hills Michigan if anyone is close and would like to do that.

  • I feel for you friend. 32 years of this hell!! I'm going on over 9 weeks and I am so traumatized. I just hope it goes away.

    Thank You

  • How are you feeling today?

  • Hello

    Today has been good. What about yourself?

  • I been sick for the past 3 days with a cold. When you have anxiety do you get annoyed easily? I also need to increase my meds too :/

  • Omg yes... everything annoys me. I just want to crawl in a ball. I'm sorry about your cold. Drink some tea

  • I'm at a point where I can't take it anymore and I looked into this drug you can take that will put you to sleep and death without pain and I feel like it will end the suffering. I know its not the answer thats the most positive but I'm just at that point where I feel it is the best one for me. I can't deal with every day not knowing what the hell I'm doing and feeling so alone in it

  • Don't talk like that. Don't let this anxiety take over your life. Think positive. What is going on? Drink some camoline tea. Rub yourself down with lavender. Do aroma therapy. Right now I am drinking a bunch of supplemts and they are helping me. Look into that too

  • You need a new Dr. Talk therapy has been proven to be more successful than meds. Find a psychologist who will listen and teach you healthy coping mechanisms instead of someone who will just give you meds. Also do some research of your own... The brain can be trained to calm down. I got lucky I found ways to control my brain. I still get anxious but I don't let it control me completely. Benzodiazepines, anti-depressants is basically a chemical lobotomy and I would not recommend it to anyone... Made me feel more crazy and depersonalization got worse to a point where I literally could not feel my body... Couldn't sleep, couldn't feel pain, Couldn't feel any emotions, became suicidal. We need to get better in other ways. Meds should be your last resort and at a very low dosage.

  • I have a phycologist and psichriatrist. I been seeing my phycologist for over 2 months when this nightmare started. I honestly can't tell you what he has done for me. He might suck

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