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Vague and Non-Specific Anxiety

Hi everyone. I have suffered from anxiety as long as I can remember. There are several specific things that it's related to, but so often I have all the anxiety in the world and it doesn't seem to be related to anything.

I think I am generally doing ok with managing my symptoms, but still need to work on better self care.

I am also getting regular counselling and working on some stuff from years ago as well as current stuff.

I guess my question is, when I know I am anxious should I be trying to work out what's triggering that or should I just try to focus on minimising the symptoms and just get on with my day?

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My own point of view is that it's pointless finding where anxiety has come from----whatever happened, it's in the past & nothing can change that. Concentrate on taking care of yourself & loving yourself (not easy when you suffer anxiety). Live in the present moment (as in mindfulness).

Last year, I spent a small fortune on therapy relating to my past & felt no better, just poorer!

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My anxiety can be triggered by any random thing so I just focus on ways to minimize how long and how severe my attacks are. I hope this helps. Stay strong and best wishes!

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