What I got to see if it helps this depersonalization/derealization

What I got to see if it helps this depersonalization/derealization

After some research this are all the vitamins I bought. I hope it helps with this hell I been dealing with for over 9 weeks. Also my doctor took me off Zoloft and just told me to drink amitriptyline 10mg at night. The one with the gold cap is L methylfolate that she also told me to take because I'm severely lacking.


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  • What is L methylfolate? And if someone is deficient in it, what would it cause? Just curious :)

  • The doctor told me that's for the brain and depression and I was lacking that big time.

  • I was prescribed deplin. What test did u have done to determine you was low on l methylfolate? I had a mouth swap for a genetics test and it said I had reduced activity and needed to try deplin.

  • That's exactly what she did. The GENESIGHT test to see what medications would work best for me and then it came out lacking on that

  • What symptoms does your anxiety cause?

  • I have been dealing with depersonalization/ derealization.

  • What's the names of the pills u taking?

  • She took me off Zoloft yesterday and told me to just take amitriptyline

  • Ok I need to look into taking vitamins

  • Nice selection you have there.

    Always take them apart say 2 hrs or so as some will prevent others from being absorbed fully by the body and you'll just waste your money.

    And ALWAYS wait at least a day till you take more magnesium when you first start to take it and don't take more than 130mg at any one time, again it will be wasted as the body can only process that amount in a 4 hr period. Any more and it will gotten rid of by the body through loose stool.

  • Thank You! I hope this helps my brain

  • It will, give it a week and you be feeling a whole lot different.

  • Were you experiencing the derealisation before you went on zoloft? If not maybe it's a reaction to the zoloft. Either way it didn't help. Hope the L-methylfolate helps you, you certainly deserve a break.

  • Doctor Google speaks very highly of L-methylfolate in combatting anxiety and depression. The future is looking bright, CatP36.

  • Thank you! I hope so

  • Before but I think that Zoloft made it worse. Because I went from 100mg to 25 of Zoloft and when I was on 25 I felt less "drunk"

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