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Pain due to anxiety?

Hi all,

I have been struggling with bad anxiety since last december. I lost s family pet and was there during its death and i feel this may have contributed to my anxiety (unsure i havent been to counselling as of yet).

I dont have an exact cause for my anxiety but its usually at night time i experience it for no reason then begin feeling dizzy/panicy.

I then started experiencing shooting pains in my heart. I have had ECGs since then and have found nothing - currently waiting on results of a heart monitor.

The heart pain is mostly away now and i now feel a heaviness on my chest and pain behind my right breast randomly.

The reason i question if this js due to my anxiety is i can be doing literally anything (not even feeling anxious or thinking about it and get it). Also sometimes feel a lump in my throat sensation.

I am unsure if i am a hypocondriact and am causing this in my head due to my anxiety about health/death after the death of my pet or of these pains etc are real. Any insight on this would be good TIA.

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It all sounds like introspective worry of health anxiety. Try mindfulness meditation and anxiety techniques

Dr Google is very bad for this. Keep away from the internet

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Suuuu, you are not causing this in your head due to your anxiety, your anxiety is doing it all on its own. You have had medical tests, that's good and the results should reassure you, it seems to me that all your symptoms are caused by anxiety. For example, I have replied to 4 people in the past 2 weeks who have lump in the throat, it's a common anxiety symptom called Globus Hysterical, I had it many years ago. Once we sufferfrom anxiety disorder we all become hypochondriacs, that's the way it goes.

I think the passing of your pet has affected you more than you think. The answer to everything is just to learn to accept the death of your pet and to accept the symptoms which are the fake symptoms of anxiety and not real organic illness. Once you accept them and stop them affecting you negatively then in time you will recover. All troubles pass.

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Thanks for your reply!

I'm just so confused by it because consciously i feel fine and i'm just going about my day as normal then i'll have a random pain and totally freak out and have a panic attack i have no idea what triggers it and its so so draining.


Accept the random pain, accept even the panic attack, they are not life threatening, they can't harm your body or send you crazy. They are of no ohysical or organic importance even though they make you feel bad. They are just tricks your sensitised nerves are playing on you, practice accepting the symptoms with a minimum response of fear and in the fullness of time your netves and you will completely recover.

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