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Lately i been having some heart problem Im 20 year old male i been having spasm where my heart is i could put my finger and feel my heart and some a spasm i saw a cardiologist two months ago idk if she see another one for a secound opinion because been having arrythmia fast heart rates and when it happen my back gets uncofterble i start moving it so i can try to relax my heart and calm it down i get back pains shhoulder pains and sometimes shoulder pains and i notice about two days ago i took a beta blocker i was rlaxed calm heart rate was going slow then all of sudden i got a strong chest pain can it be something else maybe when i touch and feel my heart it goes dump dump then it pause then goes dump dump dump but really fast at time and sometimes i think my heart its just gonna stop at any minute and i get tingling in my feet and i get up so fast because think it telling me something is going to happen idk its really wierd guys its my i feel something is wrong you know your body then any one else doo but i never experinced this first time ever guys after a little sitution of smoking some weed im shaky aswell my hands and i could twitch at times to my nack and back this cant be just anxiety im worried because say something bad really happen then they say oh he died from this and that at the last minute and they kept saying it was anxiety you know its just crazy .


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  • Hi I no exactly how u fill on that one evey think u get I get to I've had it for the last 3 years and anxiety can make.your body do a lot and make u think some ring when it's not u just need to breath threw it when u get them or call on.the phone and talk to them in till it stops that can help because that's what I do most of the time it is horrible and I'm sorry u have to go threw this and I'm 28 of u ever need a chat just on box me of I want to

  • Yeah its a crazy feeling i feel like i have heart problems or im just going crazy my family tells me its your mind this and that or saying im just going ceazy when im really feeling these things like people just dont understand

  • Its reassuring to have been checked out by a cardiologist. Chest pains are one of the commonest symptoms of health anxiety an at your age this is the most likely diagnosis, However if you feel your heart beat s irregular, you should request a 24 hour or 7 day trace.

    It is likely this is all anxiety though

  • I did had a 7 day heart monitor on but that was two months ago the docter say i had a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one he say to see him again three months so i guess in a month ill see him but its gotten worst sense i saw him really wierd feeling on my chest like pressure and rapid heart beats just but getting up or sitting down i get up and if feels like its fourcing to pump it beats hard then goes fast then it calms down i dont get it and i get these chest pains that makes my feet tingling and i jump up and they think something is going to happen im just find out really whats going on with me before its to late plus i never had anything lilke this after i smoke some weed my friend was calm but i had a panick attack for about 30 minutes ever sense then i been having all of these symthoms and this happen around thanks giving it was worst before now its a little chill its just my heart and the physical symthoms and pain soo basically i been like this for 4 months hope fully this go away one day because its been to long already hopefully these leave i cant be my self anymore going out to the club having some fun with friends its not the same anymore even my friends say im acting wierd we dont even hang out nomore they if the docters say your fine your fine but the problem is if im fine why i feel this way i never experice this you know where im coming from ?

  • Yepit all sounds like anxiety. try working on meditation ad stop all the introspective descry ptions as these will make it all persist

  • yeahh you think is doe ?

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