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Social or General?

I'm wondering if anyone can relate to my confusion. My doctor thinks I have social anxiety. But, the defninitions I found on the internet don't typically fit my anxiety. I am a shy-ish person, but I don't really mind talking to people or presentations or any of that. My panic attacks started as surges of lightheaded and dizziness and dream feelings along with racing heart and what not, and it took me awhile to realize they were panic attacks. Once I realized I had anxiety and not a brain tumor or some type of cancer, I became slightly agoraphobic, and I think this might be the social part of my anxiety? Although I have anxiety symptoms like anxious thoughts, off balance feeling, etc. when I am alone, it gets 10 times worse when I am with someone else, sometimes even my family. I start getting this awful feeling like I'm going to pass out and dizzy, and My legs feel rubbery/jelly/heavy. It's worse at first and eventually goes away. It's also bad when I'm not "in control", like when I am in a car with someone or a wide open space where there is no where I can go to to panic, like a bathroom. I sometimes even get scared walking at school because all the "WHAT of this happens right now" scenarios start coming and then the physical symptoms and it's just a viscoous cycle. I am so good at hiding my anxiety to these people, because I've gone my whole life being the shy girl, but absolutely nothing like this. I had my first panic attack in October last year, and haven't been the same since. I want to face anxiety and beat it, it's exhausting having to question everything I do and "what If" everything.

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You know when I look at anxiety it seems we need to know we first have anxiety and then accept that is what we are suffering from and then we seem to have the need to know what sort of anxiety we have and when we start to delve into that most are similar or we can have a bit of this anxiety and a bit of the other and so on but the thing is how it affects us how it gets in the way of us enjoying life and when we compare we can all relate to it affects us all in the way we feel

So if I were you I would stop reading up on all the different anxieties there is as anxiety will make us self doubt and concentrate on the feelings your anxiety is creating and what treatment and help you are going to get for it , some Counselling maybe very good to help you understand where this has all stemmed from and how to move forward :-)

Take Care x

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