Today was a good day

I drove today for the first time in over a week. I went to see my psychiatrist (which I don't know how I feel about the visit. See previous post) and then I left there and went to the vitamin shop and got some stuff that I read is good for depersonalization. I didn't make it to target tho. I'll leave that for tomorrow. Baby steps I guess. I also was starving and I stopped and got a massive carne asada chimichanga at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I'm happy I got my appetite back. Anywho, I basically used my "ignore power" (like my son says 😂) to ignore all the weird unreal fake anxiety feelings. Tonight I think I will take the amitriptyline.


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  • Have read that embracing the anxiety and then telling it to go to he** is good. Tried it today and I swear I'm less anxious. Rather po-ed, in fact. I find that when I take strong stand against this anxiety, I'm better.

    So glad you're better, sister...we have to stick together...sister :).

    Good luck with the ami. In two weeks, my psychiatrist will rx me something similar...nortriptylene..have been diagnosed with MAV (migraine associated dizziness) and ami and nor in low doses are migraine preventative. Anxiety plays a role in MAV (and MARD--migraine anxiety related dizziness--and CSD (chronic subjective dizziness). And Meniere's...another dr said possible Meniere's (imbalance and ringing in the ears).

    Btw, curious to know what supps are good for depersonalization.

    And your sweet son..."out of the mouth of children", to paraphrase. Glad you have him.

    We will persevere, ain't that right? Persevere, my friend.

  • Sorry but don't know your situation. Did you have a trauma? I was under enormous stress when this thing hit me combined with headache and an untreated sinus infection. But realizing that all my former traumas (car crash which took the life of my mother, me in passenger seat; the drowning of my father; the tragic football accident of my big brother) which happened years ago and which I thought I had dealt with...realizing now at 58, I never really did deal with them, just tried to take care of everyone else. Think those past traumas have come home to roost and I need to deal with these PTSD triggering events.

    Life, it ain't for sissies....trite but very true. At least we're all in it together, soldier girl.

  • Keep up the good work keep positive.

  • Good job! I also feel I am getting my appetite back but only at night in a laying down position ( I think my anxiety is lowest at night) I still can't eat during the day. I wish I could venture into a shop right now but I just can't. I made an appointment for cbt, I really am getting desperate. I went to the park today with my kids and my mom, was feeling ok for an hour but now I feel jittery and nauseous. I don't get it, my brain is against me. I hope the medicine works for you, I am thinking of trying Ativan.

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