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Lump in throat feeling

Hello there. So recently I had a chest x ray with contrast dye, the day after I had a small rash on my neck so the doctors gave me Benadryl and it has helped. It's been 4 days now since I had it done and now my throat feels like there is a lump in it or something stuck in it. I went to the ER last night and the doctors looked in my throat and said there was nothing blocking it and it should subside but i woke up today with the same feeling. Could it maybe be related to anxiety? It's making me worried.

Thanks, Emily

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Emmy09, it sounds like it is due to your anxiety. Many people can be allergic to contrast dyes that are used for testing. However, that is done and over with physically. I think your mind is playing it over and over causing the muscles in your throat to tighten. The less you worry, the faster the sensation will disappear. Feel better and relax. x

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Emmy09, the lump in the throat feeling is a very common symptom of anxiety called Globus Hystericus, I had it 20 years ago, it is not dangerous and goes away once you accept it and stop yhinking about it too much. At least once a week someone on this forum presents with the 'lump in the throat'. So no need to worry I assure you.


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