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Here I go again!

So for ages I've been fine. Getting on with things not worrying and actually enjoying life!!!!

Recently I've noticed these things:

Headaches, forgetfulness, dizziness, shaky feeling, confusion, tiredness! Like I want to sleep all the time (I only work 16hrs a week)

Should I be worried could this be a Brian tumour or are these symptoms normal? If I go to my GP they will more than likely put this down to my anxiety! :(

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It seems like symptoms of your anxiety.

I have headaches with the same symptoms. Mine were migraines though. Nothing that is a serious problem.


I I am in the same situation. I was great with my anxiety for 20 years and now I have the same symptoms as you. I can't even work right now. I think our brain just shuts down from some unknown factor ( life stress, hormones etc) I am pretty sure I have severe GAD with depression but I am still going to doctors just to rule out stuff because I never know for sure.


Yeah I was diagnosed with GAD and mild depression about a year ago. I was given CBT and was so much better after it really helped. But now I'm finding myself worrying again. People will say to me don't be silly it's nothing serious but I'll still wonder if it is.


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