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Does your anxiety linger when you're not anxious?

Let me clarify here, I'm doing better with my anxiety and taking medication. The issue is I'm still having physical symptoms.

I don't feel as anxious. I'm getting better sleep, exercising. Plus, I've been on my medication now for about two weeks.

I just can't get rid of this nagging thought about my health because my physical symptoms won't seem to go away.

Dizziness, feeling a little shaky and weak, breathless, trouble speaking at times. They all come and go intermittently.

So my question is does your anxiety symptoms seem to linger? If so, do they kick up they cycle again?

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I still don't believe that my anxiety attacks are caused by anxiety! One attack started when I was doing the shopping. I'm hardly ever anxious at all! I'm actually the person who holds it together when all hell breaks loose! A Medic assured me it was an anxiety attack I had. But I don't understand how I had an attack without being anxious! :-P

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kc_hutton, you definitely can have an anxiety attack w/o feeling anxious. There you are going about your business and BAM a weird sensation starts in your head and travels throughout your body. Why? Because you may not feel anxious but your mind is sending out false signals. Like a smoke alarm. There really isn't a fire but once the alarm goes off in your brain, the adrenaline rushes out and fear takes over. Anxiety is very clever and tries to get us when we least expect it. Accept that it is anxiety and carry on and I assure you that anxiety will cower..


I’m in same boat but only 1 week in on my zoloft


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