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Does anyone actually feel they will die of fear?

Here I am again....I wake ea day with hopes of NO TERROR/fear/panic and here I sit trying to fight it off while I shake like a leaf and feel like my chest has a dull ache. My question is: does anyone besides me, feel the FEAR SO STRONGLY that they HONESTLY think they will either drop dead within minutes or suffocate? I'm sorry I sound so ridiculous.

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Hi Kam

Yes, I've been there many times and as much as you try to be positive you just slide into that dark place called 'fear'.

It is so difficult to contemplate why you own thoughts are making you feel like this and I know it's terrifying. All you want to do is get under the duvet and hope it all goes away and if you did get under the duvet, it doesn't work as you brain is working against you. Once the adrenaline starts pumping through your body you can only wait until the attack ends. The aftermath is just as bad, with the effects you attack has had on you muscular system, feeling sick, sweating, stomach muscle spasms just to name a few.

I don't have an answer for you as everyone has a different method of bringing some peace back into their life, albeit short lived if you attacks happen on a frequent basis. All I can say is that you will get better one day, unfortunately, I cannot say when.

Stay in there and remember you are not on your own and although I don't know you, I know what you are going through.

Kjayzee x

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Thank you for your kind response. We may never know why our minds act the way they do. They are very strong. It is often like fighting a no win battle. My situation is daily for me so it truly wears on the nerves. Thinking positive is not always easy but it doesn't hurt to keep trying. Take care


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