Is this weird or am I being paranoid again?

So most of you know that I have been dealing with depersonalization/derealization for over 9 weeks now. And it's hell. Beyond hell. Anyways, I find it weird with everything that's going on I haven't had not one headache. Like at all! I even stopped drinking coffee cold turkey and no headache. Happy 9 weeks old me would have gotten a headache by 6am if I didn't drink my coffee.... why do I find this to be so weird? I feel like half my brain is shut off or something.....


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  • Hello CatP36! Let's look at a positive side of you stopping coffee(which has caffeine...caffeine is not good for your bones or anxiety.) You did it without suffering headaches! Sometimes when a good thing looks like a good thing, it really is! Please don't keep trying to find something more wrong and become paranoid about this accomplishment. Just enjoy the conquest you made. Always here to support you, and hope this might turn your thinking around a little. :)

  • I miss coffee 😩

  • Sure you do. Big deal. lol! Maybe try some decaffeinated brand or herbal teas. You probably enjoyed the taste of hot coffee...but it was the caffeine stimulation you were really enjoying. You know you have enough adrenaline pumping with your anxiety without that coffee escalating it. :) Look, you keep looking for answers over and over again about how to decrease your anxiety and panic....and you are taking small step to help your self. Yes you miss coffee, but you're a big girl, and you know you'll miss the anxiety and panic more.

    Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and congratulate yourself on your efforts! Always here to support you and be straight talking with you.

  • Are you at the beach already or that's tomorrow?

  • No beach, we will be on a ship early tomorrow for a few husband's business involves clients who cruise very frequently. He needs to be one at least on cruise ship a month to see them.

    He doesn't like to leave me home alone because of my PTSD issues and his clientele like to visit with me. Cruise ships are not a picnic for me. I do a lot of walking around the ship with my dog and I take a great deal of deep breaths.

    However, I can get anxious and panic attacks often on these ships if I am not have learned when I need to be with him when he is with the clientele,and when I can "hide"in our stateroom for awhile with my service dog and rest.

    I always seem to put more in my suitcase than necessary...but know it helps me to greet all these people for a while if I feel I've dressed well, have my hair ok, and just little me some confidence....

    We'll have internet service probably by night or the next morning.

    We're packed... and packing for the service dog is like pacing for a small child. lol He has his own moderate size carry on bag.

    We should be able to be in touch by internet but I may not be able to answer right away due our schedule. Also there can be some problems if the ship loses contact with the correct satellite.

    Have a good night and sleep tonight, OK? OK.

  • That's ironic, because I had a similar thing happen to me! I went thru the worst time of my life for months, dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and dp/dr, and I've always been a person who gets headaches really easily for any reason. But during that hardest time in my life, I barely had any at all even tho I was more stressed than ever! Haha but I of course had worse symptoms. I think our bodies just change to deal with whatever stress we are having at the time and whatever changes our mind and body are going thru! So it's completely normal! Hope you are feeling better :)

  • Oh Thank God! I thought something was wrong with my brain. I am feeling the same. Nightmare hell. Are you better from the dp/dr? What helped? I'm desperate. I'm having Zoloft switched today to something else.

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