How to ignore this... depersonalization/derealization

I read a lot of sucesss story about people recovering from depersonalization and I noticed that they keep mentioning the key is to ignore and go on with your life but I'm like HOW!!??? How in the world do you ignore this dreadful awful fake unreal feeling that follows you around all day long!!!??? HOW!!!? Trust me I try. I been trying for over 9 weeks. How do you ignore your brain working on it's own going on and on about this nightmare.... just HOW!!??


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  • I suffer with the exact same thing. When I'm working or driving it is at its worst - Nothing feels real and I feel as if my body is going to shut down. Everyone is telling me to embrace the feeling but how can I embrace it when I'm terrified. IS THIS EVER GOING TO GO !!!!????

  • Exaxtly! I have no idea how I'm suppose to do that. I can't even leave my house. I feel drunk without the alcohol. That feeling is horrific. How long have you had it? I been on this nightmare for over 9 weeks.

  • I've had it on and off over 2 years and it's only ever lasted a few days or so. But this time it's been really intense and Ive felt like this for 2 weeks now. I feel dizzy, weak and unfocused throughout the whole day. I can't function at work. I feel exactly how you said "drunk without the alcohol" It's good to know I'm not alone. Have you been doing anything to get rid of this feeling ?

  • I tried meditation and medication and hasn't worked. Also I'm getting my medications changed today but I been doing a lot of research on natural supplements. I hate taking medications.

  • Do you have any problems sleeping at night?

  • Yes. For over 9 weeks I haven't slept good. Get up at 3am everyday.

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