hi guys, i'm new to this and seeking help. i suffer from major depression and anxiety, i recently got into a pretty bad car accident, some guy t-boned me causing my car to flip and land on a guard rail just before a canal. ended up breaking my wrist. then about 2 weeks after i got into another wreck with my friend who was driving at the time. i get really anxious whenever i'm in a car and i'm always expecting to feel that impact. my anxiety has been just awful lately and i feel like i'm in a constant panic attack. my heart is racing constantly, feeling of dread, lump in my throat, and trouble breathing. sometimes i'll get a pain in my upper back and chest. any advice on how to stop it?


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  • You went through some crappy stuff recently. Sounds like definite panic symptoms and anxiety for sure. I know therapy is great for people who go through traumatic events. In fact when i was in the doctor office and we were talking about panic he explained that all people go through some sort of it and gave an example about many people in car accidents and how it effects them. Is there a way you can take a bus for a little bit to get to feeling safe on the road again? Or should you just go get in your car and buckle up and face your fear head on by driving down the road and go small distances at a time?

  • thank you so much for the reply, yes i've definitely been thinking about going to therapy and talking it out. maybe i've just been holding it in too much?

  • If you have the insurance and can afford therapy it couldn't hurt. I know it becomes like a ptsd situation. If you don't face it then you may yourself into a scared corner that you can't get out of.

  • i agree, lately i've just avoided cars completely because of how scared i am of something else happening.

  • Well do you still have one? Even if it's down the road to a gas need to pick your ass up and get back on that horse.

  • I'm not one to usually reccomend medications to people but I know a medication that works great for anxiety. It's not Xanax, but it is similar except it doesn't make you feel like a zombie. It's also a muscle relaxer and gives you a feeling of comfort. Maybe talk to you doctor about taking in when you feel anxious, like perhaps before you go somewhere and travel in a car. Also maybe try some counseling, the medication will help right now and the counseling can help you out in the long run. I hope this helps, hang in there :)

  • thanks so much! i'm definitely gonna make an appointment with my psychiatrist and hopefully he'll give me something for it, i appreciate the help :)

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