Another question. Depersonalization/derealization

Does it comes as attacks? I'm so confused. I wonder if depersonalization gives me panic attacks or panick attacks give me depersonalization..... i just start looking around and all of a sudden I feel like unreal fake feeling come over me and then panic. Or is that unreal fear feeling that sends me to tunnel vision panic?? I had to fight off that feeling about 4 times today. But been fighting that for 9 weeks now. It's so exhausting and disturbing. When am I going to get better!!! Lord please help me


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  • HI! Perhaps you are worrying and thinking too much about what causes what. Just hang on. Remember you have asked this type of question before. Frequently anxiety causes panic or panic attacks, and when the brain tries to sort it all out, depersonalization may happen....that's the simple answer often provided. But the brain and mind are complex. More important is to keep to focus your goal to gradually push through, regardless of what causes what. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees. You are being treated by doctors who appear to care. Give them a chance and time to help direct you to seeing the forest (you feeling better) instead of worrying about each tree....panic, anxiety,etc. Let the professionals help you design the road map away from the trees, let them go.

    I think about you every day. Please trust your heart and you doctors. For now, let them worry about what causes what. You seem to be wearing yourself out by trying to do that.

    All of us are still here to support you and please stay in touch.

  • Thank you. I know I'm a mess. I need reassuring 24/7 because I feel insane.

  • Hi. Take a breath. I'm going to share some things that makes this a rather lengthy message.

    There are periods of time I need some sign of support or reassurance 24/7 to convince me that I didn't need to be in some institution permanently.

    I was really needing those replies from so many members of this site community when I first posted "Any one out there"...I really did So tired of being anxious and frozen in that state, not sleeping, etc.

    My anxiety now right from PTSD is like a general feeling of uneasiness instead of panic, (thank God...I'll enjoy each day cause I know it could change tomorrow) and I really don't know what or exactly how "trees" moved so I could start seeing the "forest".

    Just know for what ever reason right now I am on good regiment of several meds for depression/anxiety and sleep.

    It has been a gradual, very gradual trial and error to try each med, its' strength and time of day to take it. My doctors have modified and modified and modified my meds over the years (as needed) trying to hit the right combination that works hopefully for a time.

    And I keep a notebook for each day noting the date, time of day I take each med, what I ate, felt and what I did (in just few words.) Very good tracking system.

    When a medicine regiment stops working well, we go through the revision of meds process again.

    It is so difficult to be patient with this trial period of finding the right med mix that helps....anxiety/panic can just color everything.

    Please hang in there, OK? Just keep on keeping on like you have. Let go of trying to figure this out. Your doctors have that job, but of course with your input.

    Try to sleep well tonight, ok?

  • Thank You. I really appreciate you. You always make me feel better. I need to learn how to be more patient even if this feeling terrifies the living crap out of me.

  • No worries. Something has happened to you, to your life as you knew it that you just can't figure how or why. It might be situational, my behavior, my way of thinking, as simple as a chemical imbalance or, as I have finally accepted, all of the above to various degree. This results in the need for changes in my life, and changes are not always welcome.

    It means a different, unfamiliar way of life, some unchartered paths...that means WORK to deal with the different life that change brings. Well, poop on that. I had been perfectly happy the way things were before all this happened, thank you very much! (That's the child in me speaking)

    It has taken me a long time to accept that the change requiring medical attention and RXs indefinitely doesn't make me less of a woman who can be productive and deserves respect.

    Change, like taxes and death, is something one can't avoid. I guess, selfishly, I sometimes think "well, thank God it's not cancer or HIV."

    On Thursday I will be at sea for a few days. But by Friday, if all goes well, I should have WI-FI until Monday a.m.

    Write if the little girl in you needs to vent. I'll be there, even if not immediately due to the schedule of the ship.

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