I don't know what to do

Should I take this combination? Amitriptyline And Zoloft? I was prescribed the Amitriptyline for sleep but I never took it. I keep reading that it's very dangerous to be taken both but then I also keep reading about people that did well with both. I don't know what to do. I wonder if the combination will help with this depersonalization/derealization..... I am desperate. I'm also suppose to be switching Zoloft this week. I wish there was something natural to take instead of these heavy drugs.


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3 Replies

  • Hi. Other than your worry about what prescribed medicine to take, how did your morning go? We're here to support you and let you know you're not alone.:)

    It's unfortunate you still not made a decision about the medications. Am a little confused though by your post. You say you're on Zoloft, but also say you are switching to Zoloft . Perhaps you typed something is error.

    Just hang in there. Things do get better.

  • Hi

    My morning has been the same. Just still feeling horrible but trying hard. I meant that I am on Zoloft but I am switching to some other medication this week. I don't know which one yet because the doctor said we will talk about it. I hope you are doing well today.

  • Oh, ok When do you see your doctor? Hopefully you'll have some encouragement from him and will explain how the switch to another medication may affect you.

    My days lately have been going better than I thought. When I wake up I still want to be lazy and stay in bed. But I know if I take my meds, feed the dog and cat and have some fruit and milk, I will be ready to do something.....because my service dog is really watching me, waiting for our morning "mission". I find if I have a destination or place we are to walk, it's easier to leave the house and walk. Example: the grocery store for something different for my husband's dinner, or the pet shop for catnip. Find this much better than just walking around the neighborhood.

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