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please help!!

I'm so dizzy and lightheaded feels like I'm going to fall over or pass out I've been feeling like this for 2 months now ever since I experienced my first anxiety attack! but I'm not having an anxiety attacks at all I'm just so lightheaded it's literally so scary could this be anxiety? I got blood work today I get my results back tomorrow I'm praying everything comes back ok 😭😭

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Everything is going to be ok. It's probably anxiety from thinking about your results tomorrow.


it's been this way everyday since this past Thursday so I finally went to the doc Sunday and he told me to go get blood work, were checking my vitamin b12 levels as well I was diagnosed with low vitamin b12 I have to get a shot every month now for the rest of my life, ughh it's probably my b12 level and anxiety, but it seriously feels like a bigger issue like literally I'm loosing oxygen to my brain it feels like.. my first anxiety attack was the day after my sisters baby my nephew passed away from menengitis in January! 😭😭😭


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