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So last week my wisdom tooth started coming through and it gave me a gum infection and caused me so much pain but my anxiety over my heart, kidneys, stomach and brain was basically not existent. I was in so much pain but knowing it was infection and would go soon was nice feeling. Today is the first day it has been properly gone and straight away I can notice more chest pains etc and stomach movements. All day I've felt out of sorts and just tried falling sleep and I can't waking up after the falling feeling. Now I've been on the toilet for hour with all sorts of pains and no control over my body. Back to square one. Convinced I'm ill again - surely this should make me think it's anxiety coz last week I had something to concentrate on but I can't believe that. :( I constantly have images of what I think is going on in body and it's not pleasant :(

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Sandy1710, I'm glad the gum infection is gone. This is a good example in how anxiety keeps us in it's hold by jumping from one thing to another. It is proof though, that when we concentrate on something else, the physical symptoms disappear. You are going to have to find something that will completely absorb your mind so that these symptoms won't overtake you. It's not pleasant by any means but don't let it get to you. x


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