I noticed since I been dealing with this Derealization everything gives me anxiety. I have to cancel an appointment and I get anxiety, I think about going outside I get anxiety, I thinking about getting out of bed I get anxiety. Every single thing. Heart starts racing and this vibration on my legs and stomach start. This is ridiculous. I'm so terrified of this Derealization that my body is so out of wack. Zoloft if deff not helping with anything. I been on Zoloft for over a month and slowly lowering the dosage so I can switch medications this week. What worked for you guys?? I have panic disorder, anxiety and derealization.

What I got from Zoloft from taking it for over a month:


2. More anxiety

3. Acne

4. Lost weight

5. No appetite

6. No emotions (could be the derealization)

7. Tired- drowsy

The good thing I got from Zoloft was that it took away the fog brain and the weird existence and thoughts. That's about it. Didn't help at all with anxiety,panic, and derealization.

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