A mould contamination in my apartment was the source of my physical and mental symptoms

Hi, I have had the worst 7 months of my life. But now I feel reborn I can do anything now, before I could not walk 30 feet had horrible anxiety and depression. But after I stayed a month with my parents, I felt my lungs and nervous system normalize.

So maybe try to change your environment for a while, it will give you a fresh perspective. Maybe something is negatively effecting you, for me it was a poisonous mold, that was even messing with my nervous system. Don't give up, and don't let anxiety hold you down. Kick fear and anxiety hard in the teeth...


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  • Hello

    It is always good to look round at the environment you are living in and mould and damp can cause all sorts of issues

    I am pleased you released this was the cause for your physical symptoms which now they have been sorted you are no longer suffering , it is very rare this is the case even though you are proof it is not impossible and a good reminder to check out everything around us

    I hope you long continue to feel as good as you do now :-)

    Take Care x

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