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Should I seek professional help? How to deal with loss

I'm a 27 yr old female. I lost my brother 1.5 mnths back. We were very close, so naturally its been a huge shock for me. I don't have anyone except a mom, herself a anxiety patient. I feel like I'm developing symptoms of depression, and am really worried about it. I have this constant nagging headache (which is not disabling, but there always). i am a food lover, now it tastes just bland. I feel weary to my bones. I keep having quick mood swings. It doesn't help matters that i am working as well taking care of family affairs. I try and distract myself with TV series but as soon as I've nothing to do, memories keep recurring. This has been going on since like 1.5 mnths now. I do ask my friends if i need professional help, they keep telling me to take a break. How is that possible when i have such a lot on my plate anyways. I can never feel unburdened now. Pl help.

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U should go talk to someone professional that can help u. Because depression is a serious disease.



I am so very very sorry for you loss

1.5 months is nothing though even though we are all different in how long it takes to go through the grieving process but in such a short time I can imagine you are very much still in the early stages and how you are feeling is quiet normal

You seem to not only be having to deal with your own loss but trying to hold everyone else up at the same time , when I can imagine you could do with some of that support to :-)

It maybe that if you had less pressure and more support you would not feel so low as sometimes it can be down to circumstances that make us feel down rather than having clinical depression or severe anxiety but only time will tell

I would speak with your Doctor about how you feel , some Counselling would maybe help even some Bereavement Counselling which if you put Bereavement Counselling in Google and you are in the UK you can refer yourself

You really need to put yourself first at the moment , I know you feel you have to be there for others but if you loose your own health you will not be in a position to do so ,, maybe set certain days or times when you have " You Time " when you do something or just take time to pamper and care for you :-)

There are more Communities on Health Unlocked as well as the good advise you will get from members on here that may help

I will pop you the links on

One is Bereavement which is a new Community but very well run with lot's of lovely people on there to help and talk about loosing loved one's

And the other is a Depression Community which if you look and read the posts you can see if you relate and may want to chat on there to :-)

I wish you all the best and please be kind to yourself :-)

Take Care


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