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Am I ever satisfied? Lol

Sometimes I get a little nervous when I'm not feeling anything lol (e.g no headache, no sniffling, no butterflies in the tummy) it's like too good to be true and then I get anxious. Sometimes I laugh at myself, like right now. I went to bed early and now I'm up but I still feel sleepy so I'll try to go back to sleep but I just find it interesting how I feel normal and questioning it. It's like I'm never satisfied. I really am tho lol

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I can related. I been obsessing about not having a headache for 9 weeks now. I find it weird that with this Derealization and anxiety that I have not had a headache. And I stopped drinking coffee cold turkey which is even more weird. I keep telling everyone that and they look at me like I'm crazy. My friend was like " yeah you don't need no damn headache with all the crap that you are dealing with" but I am convinced that half my brain is shut off or something in there is wrong since I haven't had a headache :-/


I'm the opposite....if I feel "normal" I do "the dance of joy"!! :-) problem lately is having a day where I feel like a "normal" content human. Enjoy your good days!


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