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Idk if this is part of anxiety

lately i been good but idk what it is in my body i feel like something that trying to make me like excerlerate like my body feeling wierd like wanted me to panick and my heart to race for some reason idk its a crazy feeling and feeling like the floor moving some times ot going dizzy the most thats bothering me right i can have my body relax im so anxous and tense like when i feel like heart trying to beat fast i move my back alot and fast to try to calm down and feel like im holding my breath or cant breath its crazy hoe i been feeling especially my vision seems unreal or dream like and i wanted to ask this question why do my eyes gets red sometimes for no reason or sometimes i get a drink like a beer my eyes get really red idk it just feeling like im sick or something is realy wrong with my brain and my body idk its crazy.

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