Read up on the power of nocebos - the opposite of placebos

Medicine is moving more to the preventative lately in a trend that I find awesome! But some pretty cool studies have been done about people literally convincing themselves they have certain diseases and then getting the mock up version of them or years down the line, the actual thing. Cool thing about this is that it shows the power of positive thinking.

A guy in a controlled group was given the sugar pill instead of an actual med. he was depressed and tried to kill himself by overdosing on the pills he was given. He was rushed to the emergency room with dangerously low BP but when the docs contacted his group to see which pills they were, they found out he was the controlled group and when he realized this, all stats returned to norm.


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  • So are u saying is a mind thing

  • Yes and no. Harvard just released research where they find that trauma is stored in the muscle fascia which makes sense if you study the human body. When we internalize things, our muscles physically tighten, for example the papas major aka the muscle of the soul because it's directly attached to our reptilian brain (the fight or flight area of the brain) and that alone can cause anx.

  • The positive thinking though helps undo the years of damage done by the neg

  • rockster, I truly believe in the destruction of negative thinking as well as the power of positive thinking. Holistic medicine has it's place in society. It's a matter of finding a physician who practices it. Thanks for sharing the info on the power of nocebos. I'm going to look it up.

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