Ugh... another day with this

Over 7 weeks with this horrific derealization. Every morning I wake up hoping to be back to normal and my brains tells me SIKE!!!!!! I managed to get up and make breakfast all while in fight or flight mode or whatever. Now I'm back to my room like a hermit crab. I just want my life back. I want to do what I love. Cooking, photography, makeup, my hair. I want to enjoy going out, shopping, movies with my family. Lord please help me.


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  • Hi...Well it's 6 p.m. here. Hoping your day got better than this morning. Really do.

    Just wanted you to know I'm here. Was gone most of the late morning and early afternoon walking with Scooter my dog to local, Petco for catnip, etc. Scooter's been fed and he's chilling now. (and the cat is drunk from playing with a sock filled with catnip) We both had enough walking to avoid anxiety, probably several miles but at my pace of stop, rest, and go some more...Don't think Scooter really ever get's anxiety unless I walk out the door without him. :)

    Hope your evening is better for you.

  • Sounds like you had a nice busy day. I am glad. Me I'm just here in my bed like a hermit crab. Trying to read on how to cure myself. I hope you have a good rest of your day.

  • Well m hermit she-crab....sorry that your in bed...but this morning I felt a lt like that too. What got me going was I knew I needed to fix my dog his chicken and rice and give him is heart medicine...and check on the cat....nether one will complain if I was even very late doing it. So by the time I did that I was wide awake and would have been restless trying to go back to bed.

    Just don't read too much...there are so many suggestions, etc. it can be over powering. You take care.

  • That's me rightnow and I can't stand the feeling at all. And I feel so struck all the time. And I can't do the things I use to because of anxiety. I hope u feel better soon I really understand what u going through. I will keep u in my prayers.

  • It's really a nightmare. I don't wish this upon anyone. I have been reading so much on it so see what can help me. I am desperate. I just don't even know what to do. I hope you feel better soon also. You said you have the same? Derealization? Just horrific

  • What helps me a little bit is watching my kids have fun, at least it takes your mind away for a couple moments. I am trying to make myself do normal things but I can totally relate how hard it is when you feel like utter crap, By the way my psych wants me to stop celexa because I have been getting a lot of tension headaches and more dizziness but everybody is different and there are so many meds out there. I think I should stop Busphar too and start all over again with something new. Are you still going to try new meds? I really hope this will start resolving for both of us, this has been going on for about 16 weeks for me ( getting worse now).

  • You been dealing with derealization for 16 weeks? Omg...... this is a nightmare. I am still going to try a different medication because I am beyond desperate to have my life back and enjoy my life and go out and have fun.

  • I have been dealing more with fatigue panic attacks, dizziness and difficulty with all standing activities. I do have a component of derealization but it's not as bad as I had it after I had my son. I just feel more spacey and drugged than anything right now where before I literally felt like I was in a dream world, I couldn't focus on anything, everything looked blury. I am still holding onto to the fact that I felt like this 8 years ago and for 8 years I was symptom free. I know we can both get better but I know we want it to be tomorrow! Just like you, I am pursuing more meds and I am willing to go through every test until I feel better. Do you also get really exhausted from all of this? I have absolutely no energy for anything right now.

  • Yes. I am mentally exhasted. I am like a zombie. No emotions no nothing just here on panic derealization mode. How did you get better from it before?

  • I went back on Zoloft ( which worked for me at low dose until recently when I went off due to increasing panic attacks). I might have also started birth control pills ( maybe this has to do with hormone levels?) a couple months after. I do think anxiety will get better for both of us I am still worried that my symptoms are still either medication side effects or now I have to rule out Lyme because I had couple tick bites and u never know. This inability to tolerate standing, dizziness and lethargy is so weird to me. I have been struggling with anxiety for 25 years but I never had symptoms like these before bit I also know anxiety can cause a multitude of things

  • Yes I suffer from Depersonalization and Derealization. I take fish oil pills and b-12 pills. I love to do mediation it really helps me to be mindfulness.


    Are you under a doctors care, or on any meds....

    you may need a bit of help...

    Feel Better !


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